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We believe that within its lifespan and under specified conditions of use, a machine must function as it is intended to, whatever the workload and no matter the age of the machine. This is especially so with machine used by the pest control industries and the government agencies tasked with the control of vector borne diseases affecting the public.

As such, for over 15 years SPK has been committed to assist in the operations of the pest control industries, the government agencies viz. The vector unit of the public health offices and the local authorities to achieve their target of preventing or controlling an epidemic. In this regard we strive to provide quality after-sale service to our customers. We strongly believe that we can achieve that by observing the following:

  1. We are committed to try to service or repair malfunctioning parts of the machine. Spare parts other than the normal service/standard repair parts will only be changed if absolutely necessary. Even then, such spare parts will be changed only after consultation and with the prior agreement of the customers.

  2. Before commencement of any job and upon request, an estimate of the repair cost may be extended to the customers.

  3. In the unlikely event of complaints against sub-standard service/repair job, which may be due to various factors and also to ensure customer satisfaction, we provide a one month warranty of the spare parts supplied and the service/repair done. This is specific to the job done and will be provided at no extra charge.

  4. To minimize disruption of ULV applications by the government agencies which are tasked with the control of the vectors which are of public health interest, we will assist by providing a substitute machine during an epidemic. This substitute machine may be provided at an agreed nominal price.