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IK 12 Vector Control Sprayer – 12 Liter

The new model has unique features for Public Health applications, specially global and national Vector Control programs, like Malaria, Chagas, etc (I.R.S. Indoor Residual Spraying). Download

Total 7 Pump Up Multi-function Sprayer – 5 Liter

The professional multi function sprayer has high quality viton seals and can be used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. Download

Jacto Hand Sprayer HD400 – 16 Liter

A 16 Liter manual knapsack sprayer. It comes with internal, high-efficiency piston pump that operates with minimum effort. Download

Hudsond X-Pert model WD – 11.3 Liter

Years of proven durability, uniformity and performance in disease vector control. Download