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For The Most Effective Spraying Techniques

ULV, LV, Aerosol, Mist Spray and Cold Fogging techniques with full control of “output” from 0.10 lit/hr up to 110 lit/hr and 99.9% accuracy of particle size selector.

Product Description

  • Unit is operated by 18 HP twin cylinder 4-cycle, gasoline, air cooled internal combustion engine.
  • Unit is equipped with finely machined heavy duty turbine blower to produce air up to 200 km /hr to disperse chemicals up to 150 meters horizontally and up to 50 meters vertically.
  • The fog head, made of cast iron, attached to the machine has mobility of 360 degrees horizontally and vertically and all the internal parts of the machine are stainless steel.
  • A remote control device is available to run the machine from the inside of a vehicles cab.
  • 12-volt dry car battery is equipped with the machine for independent operation.
  • Unit is-equipped with either a 20 liter (5 gallon) or 60 Liter (15 gallon) stainless steel formulation tank.
  • Machine is equipped with a tachometer, hour-meter and ammeter which are located on the front panel.
  • The remote control panel consists of a heavy-duty pressure gauge, thermometer and high quality flowmeter, all mounted on a portable frame.
  • Dimensions of the unit are length 49” (122.5cm) x width 43” (1 07.5cm) x height 38” (95.0cm) and weighs 450 lbs. (200kg).
  • The only commercially available machine with a patented heavy duty silencer to minimize the noise level (less than 68 decibels).


  • For Control of Locusts Grasshoppers, Quelia Bird and other Migrant pests
  • For mosquito, Housefly and Other Public Health Insects and Disease Control Program
  • For Control of major Agricultural Insects and Diseases
  • For Control of Dubas Fly and Date Pests
  • For Control of Blue Fly and Dry Fish